The Driver Education Program is offered by Broward County Public Schools at 16 locations and is free of charge.

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Prior to the 1998 school year , the Broward County School System’s drivers' education program included both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel experience for attending students. In 1998, due to budget constraints, a phasing out of the behind-the-wheel component of the program began. Effectively, the drivers' education program’s “physical cars” were replaced with “virtual cars” in the form of computer-based driving simulators. By the year 2000, the drivers' education program had totally transitioned to a classroom/simulation-based program.

With the support of the Dori Slosberg Driver Education Safety Act, the Broward County School System restructured its drivers' education program. The restructured program was piloted at Plantation High School during the summer of 2003. After evaluation and analysis of the pilot program, an expanded drivers' education program has been instituted at 16 high school locations within the Broward County School System.