Instructors Certification

All of Broward County Public Schools Driver’s Education instructors are state certified. Certification in Driver’s Education requires successful completion of three, high level, college Driver’s Education courses. After the courses are completed instructors send their transcripts to Florida’s Department of Education were they do a final check before the endorsement is added to their teaching certificates. The DOE checks their criminal background, driving records and that the curriculum was completed at an accredited university.

DELAP Certification

Please visit the DELAP testing link for additional information.

Substance Abuse Class

All of our instructors are certified to teach the Substance Abuse course that is mandatory for all students to receive their restricted and road drivers licenses. In order for students to obtain this waiver they must take either the restricted or driving test with us. If a student does not test with us then they will have to complete the Substance Abuse Class on their own.